Proxy Voting

Calvert actively exercises proxy voting seeking to advance the environmental, social, and governance practices of companies held in our investment portfolios. We take this responsibility very seriously and are transparent about how and what we vote.

Shareholders of a corporation not only have the right to participate in the financial growth and success of their corporation, they also have the right to vote on important matters concerning the company's policies, practices and governance.

Calvert believes that proxy voting is the most direct means by which investors can influence corporate behavior. Calvert casts votes on a company's shareholder resolutions based on its proxy voting guidelines.

Download Proxy Voting Guidelines

We believe all of our clients have a right to know how we are voting company proxies on their behalf; therefore, recent proxy voting decisions for each of the funds we manage are disclosed. Proxy voting guidelines and reporting for other advisory clients will be governed by the terms of the respective advisory agreement.

Mutual Funds

Proxy Voting Decisions N-PX Forms
Calvert Balanced Portfolio Calvert Impact Fund, Inc.
Calvert Equity Portfolio Calvert SAGE Fund
Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund Calvert Social Investment Fund
Calvert Global Water Fund Calvert Responsible Index Series, Inc.
Calvert International Opportunities Fund Calvert Management Series
Calvert Large Cap Value Fund Calvert World Values Fund, Inc.
Calvert Small Cap Fund The Calvert Fund
Calvert U.S. Large Cap Core Responsible Index Fund  

View complete list of Calvert's proxy voting decisions since July 2012.

Variable Funds

Proxy Voting Decisions N-PX Forms
Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund Calvert Variable Products, Inc.
Calvert International Equity Fund Calvert Variable Series, Inc.
Calvert VP SRI Mid Cap Growth Portfolio  
Calvert VP Balanced Index Portfolio  
Calvert VP EAFE International Index Portfolio  
Calvert VP Nasdaq-100 Index Portfolio  
Calvert VP Natural Resources Portfolio  
Calvert VP Russell 2000 Small Cap Index Portfolio  
Calvert VP S&P 500 Index Portfolio  
Calvert VP S&P Mid Cap 400 Index Portfolio  
Calvert VP SRI Large Cap Value Portfolio  

View complete list of Calvert's proxy voting decisions since July 2012.