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The models are subject to asset allocation risk, which is the chance that selection of, and allocation of assets to, the underlying funds will cause the models to underperform. The Calvert Responsible Allocation Models differ by the percentage invested in equity funds versus fixed-income funds and cash equivalents. Each model shares the principal risks of each underlying fund in which it invests and pays a proportionate share of the operating expenses of those funds. The greater the degree of investments in underlying equity funds, the higher the potential volatility and risk of the responsible allocation model. Thus, Calvert Responsible Growth Model may experience more price fluctuations and involve greater risk than Calvert Responsible Moderate Model, which in turn may experience more price fluctuations and involve more risk than Calvert Responsible Conservative Model. Investing primarily in responsible investments carries the risk that, under certain market conditions, the funds may underperform funds that do not utilize a responsible investment strategy.