Our Engagement Approach

Calvert has a long history of collaborating with companies to encourage them to improve corporate behaviors and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable society.

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Our Impact

Experience has taught us that active management with the companies we invest in can drive real-world outcomes and improve shareholder value.

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Strategic Engagement Activities

Calvert uses the following strategic engagement activities to encourage positive change in companies:

  • Direct Dialogue
    Calvert engages directly with management to raise concerns and identify opportunities to minimize a company's risk or transform an operational practice that our research indicates could lead an increase in shareholder value.

  • Shareholder Proposals
    In cases where direct dialog and other efforts go unheeded, we often file a shareholder resolution to encourage and influence operational progress. Sample topics we work towards: Greater Broader Diversity, Clean Water, Stewardship, Increased Sustainability Disclosure, etc.

  • Public Policy Initiatives
    Calvert works with regulators and policymakers to ensure that officials are informed about our position on critical issues such as Shareholder Rights, Conflict Materials, and Revenue Transparency.

Proxy Voting

Calvert believes that proxy voting is the most direct means by which investors can influence corporate behavior. Calvert casts votes on a company's shareholder resolutions base on its proxy voting guidelines.

Visit the proxy voting database to view voting decisions for Calvert mutual funds and variable portfolios.

Proxy voting database

Engagement Coalitions and Partners

One of the most effective ways to drive positive change is through collaborative engagements. Calvert works with numerous organizations and investors on important engagement initiatives to help companies improve their performance on financially material ESG issues. Some of our engagement partners include:

John Wilson

William Hsu

Kimberly Stokes

Our Engagement Team

Calvert's dedicated engagement team seeks to strengthen companies by improving their operations on financially material ESG issues.

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Cross-Link Research

Differentiated Research

Calvert's research process focuses on identifying financially material ESG factors most likely to impact a company's performance.

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