Separately managed accounts (SMAs) offer high-net-worth investors personalized strategies, flexibility and tax efficiency. Unlike some other investment options, you directly own the securities within an SMA so you have more control over your investments and more options for customization.

With Calvert Responsible Investing SMAs, you can take advantage of a research-driven approach to identifying and evaluating financially material ESG opportunities and risks. You can also personalize your portfolio with a full menu of Responsible Investing strategies and customization options.

Calvert Responsible Investing SMAs

Portfolio customizations are implemented and executed through Parametric’s industry-leading SMA platform capabilities.

The power of three

Calvert Responsible Investing SMAs offer three major advantages to help you build tax-efficient, customizable portfolios.

Featured Separately Managed Accounts

Calvert Equity SMA

Invests primarily in established large-cap growth stocks with a history of sustained earnings growth at a favorable price;
the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment provide a framework for the evaluating ESG factors and engaging with company management teams.

Calvert International Equity SMA

Invests primarily in stocks of non U.S. large-cap companies whose market capitalization falls within the range of the MSCI EAFE Index; the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment guide the investment research process and decision making.

Calvert U.S. Large-Cap Core Responsible Index SMA

Tracks the Calvert U.S. Large-Cap Core Responsible Index, which is derived from the largest 1,000 companies in the U.S. equity market; offers broad exposure to companies that meet the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment.


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Advisory services are offered by the following Eaton Vance brands: Eaton Vance Management; Atlanta Capital Management Company, LLC; Parametric Portfolio Associates, LLC and Calvert Research and Management, each an SEC registered Investment Adviser.

Strategy availability and customization will vary by firm and platform

Investing involves risk and there is no assurance that Calvert will achieve profits or avoid incurring losses.