2010 - Present

  • Calvert Timeline 1976 Calvert

    Calvert Research and Management acquires the business assets of Calvert Investment Management, Inc.

  • Calvert Timeline 2016 United Nations

    As one of 17 companies and signatories of the UN Global Compact, Calvert was invited to participate in the "Future of Spaceship Earth" report.

  • Calvert Timeline 2016 Serafeim Paper

    Second paper published with George Serafeim focused on how including ESG data in investment analysis can benefit society and increase alpha opportunities.

  • Calvert Timeline 2015 Serafeim

    Joint research with George Serafeim of Harvard Business School examines the links between a company's strong ESG performance and their financial performance.

  • Calvert Timeline 2015 Investing

    Calvert collaborates to publish “Investing the Rights Way: a Guide for Investors and Business on Human Rights.”

  • Calvert Timeline 2015 SSE

    With Calvert as a key member, The Sustainable Stock Exchanges Working Group publishes guidance on Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) standards for listing companies.

  • 2015

    Introducion of the Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment

  • Calvert Timeline 2014 Montreal Pledge

    Calvert is the first US-based asset manager to sign the Montreal Carbon Pledge

2000 - 2009

  • Calvert Timeline 2009 UN Womens Empowerment

    Calvert's Women's Principles are incorporated into the United Nations' Women’s Empowerment Principles

  • Calvert Timeline 2006 PRI

    Becomes a founding signatory of the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI)

  • Calvert Timeline 2004 Calvert Women Principles

    In partnership with the United Nations, Calvert developed and promulgated the Calvert Women's Principles

  • Calvert Timeline 2000 Calvert Social Index

    Introduction of the Calvert Social Index

1990 - 1999

  • Calvert Timeline 1998 DOL

    Wins key Department of Labor opinion allowing 401(k) plans to make Responsible Investing options available

  • Calvert Timeline 1995 Calvert Foundation

    The Calvert Social Investment Foundation officially launches its portfolio and Community Investment Note.

  • Calvert Timeline 1994 Coalition

    Joins the Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras Standard of Conduct

  • Calvert Timeline 1994 South Africa

    The Calvert Social Investment Fund becomes one of the first groups to reinvest in free South Africa

  • Calvert Timeline 1993 Net Impact

    Helps launch Students for Responsible Business

  • Calvert Timeline 1992 International Fund

    Launches first International Socially Responsible Investing mutual fund

  • Calvert Timeline 1992 BSR

    Becomes a corporate founding member of Business for Social Responsibility (though we're no longer members)

1980 - 1989

  • Calvert Timeline 1988 Calvert Community

    Creates the Calvert Social Investment Foundation to invest directly in underserved communities

  • Calvert Timeline 1986 Social Issue

    Calvert becomes the first investment firm to sponsor a shareholder resolution tied to a social issue

  • Calvert Timeline 1982 Apartheid

    CSIF is the first mutual fund to oppose Apartheid

  • 1982

    Calvert Social Investment Fund (CSIF) launched, the first to integrate ESG factors with financial analysis

1970 - 1979

  • Calvert Timeline 1976 Calvert

    Calvert Investment Management is established