The Calvert Emerging Markets Responsible Index (CALGEM) is composed of equity securities of companies that are located in or tied economically to countries that Calvert has classified as emerging market countries and that meet The Calvert Principles for Responsible Investment. The Index is reconstituted annually and rebalanced quarterly.

Index Facts

Price Ticker Symbol CALGEM
Total Return Ticker Symbol CALGEMTR

Top 10 Constituents (%)1,2 as of Aug 31, 2023

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd 6.58
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 4.53
Tencent Holdings Ltd 4.31
HDFC Bank Ltd 2.43
Meituan 1.29
ICICI Bank Ltd 1.11
SK Hynix Inc 0.96
NetEase Inc 0.81
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd 0.81
Total 23.93


No performance information is currently available.


Index Statistics as of Aug 31, 2023

Median Market Cap $5.3B
Average Market Cap $85.1B
Price/Earnings Ratio 13.80
Price/Book Ratio 1.44
Number of Holdings 605

Sector Breakdown (%) as of Aug 31, 2023

Financials 24.77
Information Technology 23.13
Consumer Discretionary 14.07
Comm. Services 11.32
Consumer Staples 7.02
Industrials 5.50
Materials 4.89
Health Care 4.62
Real Estate 2.63
Utilities 2.04

GICS Sector Breakdown (%)2 as of Aug 31, 2023



Index Rules and Methodology

Download Index Rules and Methodology - Last updated: Dec 9, 2022