It’s tough to get on Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies list.

We should know. We created it.

Barron's + Calvert

Lots of companies say they’re contributing to a better tomorrow. We put those claims to the test with a unique, rigorous approach to research.

Our Partnership

Barron’s relied on us to identify which companies are showing leadership in addressing the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks that are relevant to their operations.

Creating the List

To create the list, we rated the 1,000 largest (by market capitalization) publicly held companies headquartered and incorporated in the United States on their responsibility in five key stakeholder categories:

  • Shareholders (e.g., accounting policy, board structure)
  • Employees (e.g., workplace diversity, labor relations)
  • Customers (e.g., business ethics, product safety)
  • Community (e.g., human rights along the supply chain)
  • Planet (e.g., greenhouse gas emissions)

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Click below to see the companies whose practices landed them in the most sustainable category.

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Research Team

To help enhance shareholder value and improve societal outcomes, we examine companies’ environmental and social exposures, as well as their governance structures. Our goal is to help investors manage risks while influencing outcomes that create positive change.

Our Approach

Our research team has a sophisticated and rigorous methodology that’s paired with decades of leadership in responsible investing — it’s at the heart of everything we do.

We parse thousands of ever-evolving data points from external data vendors to differentiate companies’ management teams on financially material ESG issues, informing our security selection and corporate engagement. Rely on us for insights into the current state as well as future trends and opportunities.

Featured Team Members

Hellen Mbugua

Hellen Mbugua

Years of Experience: 12

Industry Focus: Consumer Discretionary

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: Calvert is an industry leader in the space, with a great brand, thought provoking work, and diverse workmates.

I am passionate about investing and leaving a positive legacy along the way.

Leah Moehlig

Leah Moehlig

Years of Experience: 10

Industry Focus: Consumer Staples

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: I believe that Calvert’s thoughtful and deep approach to ESG research is a major differentiator.

After spending time as a traditional equity research analyst, I became interested in ESG issues and their impacts on long-term value creation.

Dan Rourke

Dan Rourke

Years of Experience: 17

Industry Focus: Communication Services

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: Capitalism needs to evolve to address the great challenges of our time, which include income inequality and environmental degradation. Calvert has been at the forefront of this effort for decades.

My colleagues are fantastic and have strong, considered views. I love the comradery of the team and the way they challenge me to think critically.

Dan Dorman

Dan Dorman

Years of Experience: 11

Industry Focus: Financials

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: A rich history of investment management focused on positive impact, opportunities for personal growth, and great colleagues.

My job is exciting because it combines a focus on international financial markets with a strong emphasis on positive impact.

Imani Camp

Imani Camp

Years of Experience: 5

Industry Focus: Services

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: Calvert is continuously innovating, but always stays true to its long-standing commitment to ESG.

As a member of the Research Team, I have a direct line to start a dialogue with companies about how they can improve management of their ESG risks.

Elif Senvardarli

Elif Senvardarli

Years of Experience: 5

Industry Focus: Industrials

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: Our company truly cares about the impact of its investments.

Being part of a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, all united to improve corporate responsibility.

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John Miller

John Miller

Years of Experience: 10

Industry Focus: Energy & Utility

Why are you part of the Calvert team?: We’re encouraged to be creative, be thought leaders and think big.

Every day is an intellectual challenge. Plus I can clearly tie our work to positive advances in climate change and energy.

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About Calvert

Calvert Research and Management (Calvert) is a global leader in responsible investing. We sponsor one of the largest and most diversified families of responsibly invested mutual funds, encompassing active and passively managed equity, income, alternative and multi-asset strategies. With roots in responsible investing back to 1982, we seek to generate favorable investment returns for clients by allocating capital consistent with environmental, social and governance best practices and through structured engagement with portfolio companies.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Calvert manages assets on behalf of funds, individual and institutional separate account clients, and their advisors.

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