What Do You Want from Your Investments?

As an investor, you have many options to choose from, including traditional stocks and bonds, when building your portfolio.

The investments you choose typically depend on your financial goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and performance potential.

What makes responsible investing different? It allows you to align your values, such as gender equality, climate action and data security, with your investments — without losing focus on performance.

Invest responsibly with Calvert and you’ll support companies that we’ve identified and evaluated via our proprietary, data driven research as working toward environmental, societal and governance (ESG) best practices.

We also actively engage with company management teams to find areas where further improvements can be made with things like carbon emissions, water conservation, workplace diversity and supply chain strategy. Why? We know and data shows that firms that optimize their ESG practices tend to get rewarded for their efforts, along with their shareholders.

Invest for impact and performance

Watch this 3-minute video to learn about responsible investing and how investors and advisors could benefit from Calvert’s unique approach.

Impact Blog

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Invest Responsibly

Calvert is a global leader in Responsible Investing. We help investors see financial potential through the lens of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Our mission is to deliver superior long-term performance to our clients and enable them to achieve positive impact.

Calvert Research and Management traces its roots to Calvert Investments, which was founded in 1976 and was the first to launch a socially responsible mutual fund that avoided investment in companies that did business in apartheid-era South Africa. Today, the Calvert Funds are one of the largest and most diversified families of responsibly invested mutual funds, encompassing actively and passively managed strategies, U.S. and international equity strategies, fixed-income strategies, and asset allocation funds.

Through the years, the Calvert Funds have stayed at the forefront of Responsible Investing, applying innovative investment strategies, groundbreaking research, shareholder advocacy programs and public policy initiatives.