Learn more about Responsible Investing and how Calvert's approach may empower you to do more.

Why Choose Calvert

Human history is a testament to our ability to do great things in the face of challenges.  Innovations like antibiotics, refrigeration and the Green Revolution were all inspired responses to the pressing problems of the day. Today our society faces a new set of challenges including unprecedented population growth, demand for precious natural resources, and growing social inequities.

New and exciting investment opportunities are emerging from the innovative solutions that address our society’s needs. These opportunities offer you the potential to earn competitive investment returns while influencing progress and creating a positive impact on society. However, harnessing these opportunities requires a different approach to investing. And Calvert is uniquely qualified to deliver it to you. 

Our Philosophy

Responsible investing is a stewardship-based approach that includes analyzing companies based on non-financial information, including their environmental, social, and governance factors, as well as evaluating financial data and information.  We focus on finding companies that demonstrate leadership and create positive impact in society through their business operations and overall activities, while producing competitive investment returns.  

Our Culture

At Calvert, we embrace a unique culture that sets us apart from most investment management companies. Culture is a set of behaviors, beliefs and principles that unite individuals toward a common purpose. Our mission to make the lives of our clients and society better. Our culture is reflected in a shared desire to be innovative and forward-thinking, act with a sense of urgency, and strive to meet the highest standards of corporate conduct and transparency. Our bedrock belief is that investment performance is inextricably linked to responsible corporate behavior.