Fund Holdings (%)1,2 as of Mar 31, 2018

Holding % of Net Assets
Calvert Bond Fund 36.09%
Calvert Floating-Rate Advantage Fund 13.91%
Calvert Absolute Return Bond Fund 12.75%
Calvert US Large Cap Core Responsible Index Fund 7.29%
Calvert US Large Cap Value Responsible Index Fund 5.50%
Calvert US Large Cap Growth Responsible Index Fund 4.46%
Calvert International Responsible Index Fund 4.38%
Calvert International Opportunities Fund 3.08%
iShares TIPS Bond ETF 2.92%
Calvert Ultra-Short Duration Income Fund 2.47%
Calvert Emerging Markets Equity Fund 2.03%
Calvert US Mid Cap Core Responsible Index Fund 1.96%
Calvert Small Cap Fund 0.98%
Calvert Mid-Cap Fund 0.98%
United States Dollar 0.68%
Calvert International Equity Fund 0.50%
Calvert TCF Long-Term Income Fund 0.00%