As shareholders, we actively engage with companies to help drive performance and social value.

Calvert has a long history of collaborating with companies, as we believe that working with companies is the best way to create positive change.

We encourage companies to improve corporate behaviors and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable society. Our most visible forms of shareholder advocacy are proxy voting and shareholder resolutions. We engage on issues that we believe have a financial impact on companies, which include social and sustainability issues.

Shareholder resolutions can be powerful agents of change. In many cases, simply filing a resolution can open up a dialogue that can influence corporate behavior — which may allow us to withdraw the resolution. When filing a resolution doesn't produce the desired result, we push the resolution to a vote and present the proposal at the company's annual shareholder meeting.

Calvert is also a member of numerous investor coalitions, as we believe we can make more progress by partnering with others.

We actively engage with companies to influence positive social and environmental practices.

Explore Calvert’s Four Pillars of Responsible Investing, which we believe is the best way to achieve a positive societal impact and favorable investment results.