Our Five Key Strengths:

With a broad range of equity, balanced and asset allocation, bond, and money market investment strategies, we provide investment solutions to fit investors’ unique lifestyle challenges and goals. For financial goals ranging from retirement and education, to achieving general financial security, we offer the building blocks for well-balanced portfolios.

For investors who seek to influence corporate responsibility or align their investments with their values, Calvert also offers Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) mutual funds available nationwide. Calvert now offers three distinct SRI Strategies: Calvert Signature™ Strategies, Calvert Solution™ Strategies, and Calvert SAGE™ Strategies.

Calvert Signature Strategies: Calvert’s original approach that evaluates companies according to rigorous, traditional financial criteria along with corporate social responsibility leadership.

Calvert Solution Strategies: A thematic or sector-based approach that invests selectively in companies geared toward solving some of today’s most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges.

Calvert SAGE Strategies: An approach that emphasizes strategic engagement with companies to advance their performance in specific environmental, social, and governance areas.

Calvert funds are increasingly popular options for workplace retirement programs. Our investment strategies are also featured in several 529 college-savings education plans. The DC College Savings Plan, managed by Calvert, features a broad range of SRI equity and income portfolios.

Here’s a look at the Calvert Family of Funds along a risk/return spectrum. Funds with more aggressive objectives and strategies are listed at the top.

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