Interactive Tools

Create customized materials in just minutes with Calvert’s interactive tools. With just a few keystrokes, tools such as our Bond Duration Planner use the most recent month-end data to provide personalized analyses of Calvert funds for your clients.   

Interactive Tools for Brokers

  • tool-bond-duration

    Bond Duration Planner

    Construct a customized fixed-income asset allocation portfolio for your clients by using Calvert fixed income funds.

Client -Approved Interactive Tools

  • tool-calvert_social_index

    Calvert Social Index

    View all the companies in the Calvert Social Index®, a broad-based, rigorously constructed benchmark for measuring the performance of large, U.S.-based socially responsible companies.

  • products-hypo-thumb

    Hypothetical Investment in Calvert Funds

    See how a hypothetical $10,000 investment performs over time.

  • tool-asset-allocation

    Asset Allocator

    Asset allocation may be the most important factor in determining your portfolio's long-term return, especially in volatile markets. Our Asset Allocator can give you a basic idea of what your optimal portfolio is.

  • tool-retirement-calc

    Retirement Planner

    More and more people look forward to their retirement years as a chance to focus on the activities which make life worth living. Our Retirement Planner can help you learn whether you will have what you need.

  • tool-savings_calc

    Savings Calculator

    Even small additions to your savings add up over time. This calculator demonstrates how to put a savings strategy to work for you.

  • tool-roth_vs_tradition

    Roth Vs. Traditional IRA Planner

    Which IRA is right for you? Use this calculator to find out.

  • college3

    College Savings Calculator

    Use this calculator to help develop or fine-tune your education savings plan.

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