Calvert Investments: Why choose Calvert?

Why Choose Calvert?

When you look at things from different perspectives, you can discover new and different things. Unexpected possibility. Hidden potential. Overlooked opportunity.

At Calvert Investments, we combine rigorous analysis and independent thinking to manage investment risk and reveal opportunities. Our goal is simple: Deliver to our clients investment performance that remains consistently strong over the long term.

Rigorous Analysis

Our disciplined approach to money management goes beyond traditional factors to manage risk and identify investment opportunities with long-term potential.

Independent Thinking

We apply creative investment concepts to create financial opportunities for our clients and address modern-day challenges.

Calvert Investments was founded in 1976 on the belief that there is tremendous potential in looking at things from a different perspective. Our tradition of independent thinking, backed by a rigorous and disciplined investment process, has made us one of the nation’s most respected investment management firms.

Today, Calvert Investments ranks among the top 50 managers of mutual funds serving financial advisors and their clients in the United States.* We’re an increasingly sought-after manager of investment options for workplace retirement plans, and a distinctly positioned performer in the growing institutional money management market.

We invite you to take a look at what sets Calvert apart from other investment management firms and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

*Source: Financial Research Corp., 2009

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