What Is RSS?

RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication," is a way to aggregate news from a variety of sources into one convenient location, such as your personalized page on My Yahoo!, Google, or My MSN. You can also use a "feed reader" to see your news. A feed reader is a piece of software that checks for updated headlines on the websites to which you subscribe and displays them in an easy-to-read, customizable format. Feed readers can also search websites for available RSS feeds and alert you to them.

Using My Yahoo!, Google, or My MSN
My Yahoo!, Google, and My MSN are some of the most popular free RSS subscription services. To add Calvert headlines to any of these personalized homepages, just click the "RSS Feed" link at the bottom of the list of headlines that interests you.

Using an RSS Feed Reader
If your reader is configured to accept feeds automatically, the feed should be added to your RSS reader's subscription list just by clicking the "RSS" link at the bottom of the list of headlines that interests you. If not, clicking the button will open a new browser window containing HTML code. Simply copy the feed's URL from the browser address bar and paste it into your RSS reader's subscription field.

Using Your Web Browser
Modern Web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher) allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking the  symbol, which will appear in or below the website address window when an RSS feed exists on the page you're visiting. Clicking this symbol will add the feed to your "live" bookmarks. Clicking on a live bookmark will display a pull-down menu of the latest headlines.

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