Too Big To Fail 


Invest in a Better Planet

Like many people, you’re living a more sustainable life. Recycling. Driving a hybrid, maybe. Doing what you can to reduce your footprint. Because you appreciate the simple fact that Planet Earth is the ultimate “Too big to fail.”

Your passion and concern for sustainability can extend to your investment portfolio as well. In fact, your investments can do more than just help you secure your financial future. They can actually help bring about positive change in the world, which is why you should consider Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI).

We’re Calvert Investments. We’ve been helping people invest in well-governed, sustainable and responsible companies since 1982.

Our SRI beliefs:

  • Companies that behave well are more likely to do well. SRI seeks to identify companies that are positioning themselves for long-term growth – through sustainable innovation and a focus on managing environmental, governance and social risks.
  • Shareholders have a say. SRI gives investors the ability to improve a company’s behavior and sustainability practices through shareholder advocacy.
  • There’s power in perspective. SRI seeks to be a positive force for system-wide changes that can create more accountability and transparency on a number of important policy fronts.

If this approach appeals to you, talk to your financial advisor about adding some SRI funds to your portfolio today.

We believe investments that are good for the planet — and good for people — can be good for investors, too.


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