Investing with Calvert Means Investing in Women 

As the leading asset manager using sustainability to drive shareholder value, everything we do at Calvert Investments is rooted in our goal of identifying those companies who are focused on long-term, sustainable growth and value. At Calvert, including women within the investment framework is an integral part of our success. Being the best at serving women includes:

  • Helping financial advisors better meet the needs of their female clients;
  • Including gender diversity as a critical ingredient of corporate valuation;
  • Using our shareholder voice to push companies to think differently about women;
  • Providing global thought leadership on investment topics that matter to women.

Please explore the links on this page to better understand Calvert's commitment to women.

NEW March 2013: Diversity Report

  • Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling 2013

    Calvert has released the third edition of our Diversity Report: Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling;  this looks at  S &P 100 companies across 10 key diversity indicators. Calvert believes companies that embrace diversity are poised for greater success in today’s increasingly complex global markets.

    Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling

    »  Link to a summary of key findings
    »  Download a full copy of the report (PDF)

Calvert Women's Principles®

  • Calvert Women's Principles

    The Calvert Women’s Principles® form the foundation of our ongoing leadership around women’s issues and are currently fueling a number of other initiatives globally. As the first set of standards to provide a comprehensive assessment of corporate conduct from the factory floor all the way to the boardroom, these principles provide a roadmap for corporations to assess their impact on women.

    » Link to complete information about the Calvert Women’s Principles.

Investment education and choice:

Because one size rarely fits all, Calvert gives women multiple approaches to Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI). Review the differences among our Signature, Solution and SAGE investment strategies— each with a different emphasis on how a company’s Environmental, Social and Governance impacts are addressed.

» Look at our information about how SRI is a different way to invest.
» Investing with Calvert Means Investing In Women (PDF)

Shareholder advocacy and public policy:

As an active SRI investor, Calvert seeks to engage the companies we invest in on issues critical to the advancement of women. This means actively voting our proxies, bringing shareholder resolutions and dialoguing with corporate leaders. We are often one of the few investor voices engaging in policy debates on issues that affect women.

» Read about some of our most recent advocacy efforts here.(PDF)


Resources for Financial Advisors

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Brochure - Calvert Women's Principles 10th Anniversary Report: Past, Present, and Future thumbnail image.

Brochure - Calvert Women's Principles 10th Anniversary Report: Past, Present, and Future

This 10th anniversary report Calvert Women’s Principles - Past, Present and Future walks through the historical context for why the Principles were needed, highlights progress and contributions they’ve made to date and suggests where they might go in the future.

Date: 11/13/2014 | Lit #BR10089
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Brochure - Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling: A Survey of Corporate Diversity Practices of the S&P 100 (2013 Edition) thumbnail image.

Brochure - Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling: A Survey of Corporate Diversity Practices of the S&P 100 (2013 Edition)

Download a PDF version of Calvert’s 2013 Diversity Report which provides an in-depth analysis across 10 Key Diversity Indicators and complete ratings on S&P 100 companies. Along with a helpful executive summary which highlights four key findings, the report provides a number of examples of corporate leaders and laggards on the issue of workplace diversity.

Date: 3/7/2013 | Lit #BR10063 | FINRA Letter
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Brochure - Investing with Calvert Means Investing in Women thumbnail image.

Brochure - Investing with Calvert Means Investing in Women

This brochure outlines how Calvert is uniquely qualified to serve women investors. It discusses the ground-breaking Calvert Women’s Principles® and demonstrates how Calvert’s investment process is women-centered with regard to a broad take on SRI criteria. Investing with Calvert truly means investing in women.

Date: 4/1/2014 | Lit #BR10078 | FINRA Letter
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