What Is SRI?

Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) refers to an investment process that, along with traditional financial analysis, integrates analysis of a company’s social responsibility in pursuit of enhanced long-term returns. But what does that really mean?

It’s a different way to assess the value of a corporation.

SRI provides a comprehensive way to assess a company’s real value by including both corporate responsibility and sustainability measures in a company’s valuation—factors Calvert believes to be as critical to long-term performance as traditional financial measures. An SRI investor looks for certain red flags that traditional investors might miss. Additionally, they see the long-term cost savings and revenue-driving potential of sustainability innovation and leadership.

It’s a different way to engage with a corporation.

As fully engaged company “owners,” SRI investors can use the power of their proxy votes, shareholder resolutions, and other means to encourage companies to improve their practices on issues of concern. A large shareowner, such as a mutual fund, can engage in regular, direct dialogue with company executives to influence key decisions on issues of importance to fund investors.

It’s a different way to help your community.

SRI can also make a difference at the local level, through microfinance and investment in nonprofit organizations reaching underserved populations. Certain Calvert portfolios devote a percentage of assets to microcredit, small business loans, affordable housing, and other areas of positive societal impact.

What Is SRI?

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    Why SRI Matters

    If smart investment requires vision that doesn’t stop at balance sheets and stock prices, then where can we look for a more complete picture of a company's value?

  • Issue briefs

    Issue Briefs

    Real and profound issues—from the environment to human rights to tobacco—comprise the soul of SRI.

  • Calvert's History of SRI Leadership

    Calvert's History of SRI Leadership

    A leader in the field of sustainable and responsible investing since 1982, Calvert believes that ethical, sustainable corporate policies contribute to sound financial performance.


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