Sustainable & Responsible Investing
Solution Funds

Investment portfolios that selectively invest in companies that produce products and services designed to solve some of today's most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges. Each Solution Fund has different criteria that reflect the over-arching issues of and opportunities in its sector.

Solution Funds

Equity Funds
  Share Class Ticker Symbol CUSIP Fund #
Calvert Emerging Markets Equity Fund A CVMAX 131649816 1068
  C CVMCX 131649790 1168
  Y CVMYX 131649782 1268
Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund A CGAEX 13161P847 971
  C CGACX 13161P821 666
  Y CGAYX 13161P755 365
Calvert Global Water Fund A CFWAX 13161P797 973
  C CFWCX 13161P789 600
  Y CFWYX 13161P771 350

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