Sustainable & Responsible Investing
Signature Strategies

Calvert Signature® Strategies are our original SRI portfolio strategies, which continue to feature two distinct but integral research frameworks: a rigorous review of financial performance, plus a thorough assessment of ESG performance--what we call Double Diligence®.

Calvert's social research analysts examine corporate performance in seven broad areas of concern. Read more about Calvert's sustainability criteria.

Calvert Signature Strategies

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    Calvert Signature Funds

    At the core of Calvert’s SRI investment philosophy is a belief that, over time, responsible corporate conduct and solid investment returns go hand in hand.

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    Calvert Signature Strategies: Criteria

    Calvert's sustainability analysts examine corporate performance in seven broad areas of concern for Calvert's Signature Strategies Funds.

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    Calvert Signature Strategies: Engagement

    Calvert uses strategic engagement and shareholder advocacy to encourage positive change in companies in virtually every industry.

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Calvert Investment Management, Inc. serves as the investment advisor and provides sustainability research for the Calvert mutual funds and institutional investment strategies.

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