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SAGE Strategies

Calvert SAGE Strategies (SAGE stands for Sustainability Achieved through Greater Engagement) are geared towards the investor who wants to take an active approach in moving companies to make measurable progress on vital ESG issues.

With our SAGE Strategies, we engage with companies as shareholders to advocate for specific changes, with specific objectives. Our SAGE Strategies offer investors new opportunities to make an impact with companies, some of which have never been held in our longstanding sustainable and responsible funds, which we now refer to as our Calvert Signature Strategies. Look at the most recent updates on Calvert's advocacy work with the companies held in the Calvert SAGE Strategies.(PDF)

Calvert's SAGE Strategies

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    Calvert SAGE Funds

    At the core of Calvert’s SRI investment philosophy is a belief that, over time, responsible corporate conduct and solid investment returns go hand in hand.

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    Calvert SAGE Strategies: Criteria

    Our SAGE Strategies offer investors new opportunities to make an impact with companies never before held in our longstanding sustainable and responsible funds.

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    Calvert SAGE Strategies: Engagement

    Calvert uses strategic engagement and shareholder advocacy to encourage positive change in companies in virtually every industry.

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    SAGE Reporting and Company Profiles

    These are companies whose investment performance we believe can benefit from a sharper focus on certain areas of ESG-related risk or opportunity.

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