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SAGE Reporting and Company Profiles

With Calvert's new SAGE (Sustainability Achieved through Greater Engagement) approach, Calvert commits to "enhanced engagement" with a select group of companies in a SAGE fund—companies whose investment performance we believe can benefit from a sharper focus on certain areas of ESG-related risk or opportunity.

Featured Report: SAGE at a Glance

  • This report lists the companies held in the Calvert Large Cap Value Fund and provides a snapshot of Calvert’s engagement with each company selected for enhanced engagement in the Portfolio over the most recent quarter.

SAGE Reports and Company Profiles

The Calvert Large Cap Value Fund, launched on December 12, 2008, is the first fund within the Calvert SAGE Strategies. We take a consistent approach to selecting companies for enhanced engagement, establishing specific advocacy objectives and communicating our progress.

The Calvert Large Cap Value Fund companies listed here have been selected for enhanced engagement. We have created advocacy objectives based on specific areas of ESG-related risk and opportunity for each company.  We assess our progress in a variety of ways: we track commitment by a company to strengthen, implement and report on certain policies and practices; and we also provide public updates on the progress that we are making on a periodic basis.

While each set of SAGE company objectives is focused sharply on that company’s specific challenges, Calvert is advancing several broad goals across the oil, gas and mining companies designated for enhanced engagement in the Large Cap Value Fund. Read more about the global policy and advocacy experience that Calvert brings to this endeavor.

See more information about Calvert's SAGE Strategies policies and procedures.

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