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A leader in Sustainable and Responsible Investments (SRI), Calvert Investments offers investors one of the broadest arrays of SRI strategies of any investment management company in the United States. Each SRI strategy employs one of three proprietary approaches.

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Calvert Signature® Portfolios

Investment portfolios that integrate two distinct research frameworks: a rigorous review of financial performance, and a thorough assessment of environmental, social, and governance performance.

Asset Allocation Funds
  Share Class Ticker Symbol CUSIP Fund #
Balanced & Asset Allocation
Calvert Aggressive Allocation Fund A CAAAX 131618647 964
  C CAACX 131618621 657
Calvert Balanced Portfolio A CSIFX 131618100 905
  B CSLBX 131618845 245
  C CSGCX 131618506 605
  Y CBAYX 131618563 530
Calvert Conservative Allocation Fund A CCLAX 131618696 962
  C CALCX 131618670 655
Calvert Moderate Allocation Fund A CMAAX 131618738 963
  C CMACX 131618712 656
Equity Funds
  Share Class Ticker Symbol CUSIP Fund #
Large Cap
Calvert Equity Portfolio A CSIEX 131618308 919
  B CSEBX 131618852 248
  C CSECX 131618704 619
  Y CIEYX 131618589 369
Calvert Large Cap Core Portfolio A CMIFX 131618803 910
  B CDXBX 131618886 203
  C CMICX 131618878 610
  Y CLYCX 131618571 540
Calvert Social Index Fund A CSXAX 131582785 933
  B CSXBX 131582777 433
  C CSXCX 131582769 633
  Y CISYX 131582355 553
Mid Cap
Calvert Capital Accumulation Fund A CCAFX 131649303 914
  B CWCBX 131649600 222
  C CCACX 131649402 614
  Y CCAYX 131649824 342
Small Cap
Calvert Small Cap Fund A CCVAX 13161P508 960
  B CSCBX 13161P706 465
  C CSCCX 13161P805 659
  Y CSCYX 13161P748 866
Calvert International Equity Fund A CWVGX 131649105 926
  B CWVBX 131649501 223
  C CWVCX 131649204 626
  Y CWEYX 131649840 363
Calvert International Opportunities Fund A CIOAX 131649881 972
  C COICX 131649865 651
  Y CWVYX 131649832 361
Bond Funds
  Share Class Ticker Symbol CUSIP Fund #
Calvert Bond Portfolio A CSIBX 131618407 916
  B CBDBX 131618837 246
  C CSBCX 131618605 616
  Y CSIYX 131618597 366



Calvert Solution® Portfolios

Investment portfolios that selectively invest in companies that produce products and services designed to solve some of today's most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges. Each Solution Fund has different criteria that reflect the over-arching issues of, and opportunities in, its sector.

Equity Funds
  Share Class Ticker Symbol CUSIP Fund #
Calvert Emerging Markets Equity Fund A CVMAX 131649816 1068
  C CVMCX 131649790 1168
  Y CVMYX 131649782 1268
Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund A CGAEX 13161P847 971
  C CGACX 13161P821 666
  Y CGAYX 13161P755 365
Calvert Global Water Fund A CFWAX 13161P797 973
  C CFWCX 13161P789 600
  Y CFWYX 13161P771 350



Calvert SAGE Portfolios

Investment portfolios that emphasize strategic corporate engagement to advance environmental, social and governance performance in companies that may not meet certain standards today, but have the potential to improve.

Large Cap
Calvert Equity Income Fund A CEIAX 131619884 982
  C CEICX 131619876 482
  Y CEIYX 131619868 583
Calvert Large Cap Value Fund A CLVAX 131619504 979
  C CLVCX 131619801 601
  Y CLVYX 131619702 379











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Calvert Investment Management, Inc. serves as the investment advisor and provides sustainability research for the Calvert mutual funds and institutional investment strategies.

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