Innovative Approach to SRI Products

Calvert's SRI approaches reflect a broader way of thinking about corporate responsibility and sustainability. More strategies means more opportunities for influence and engagement and greater investment opportunities and choices. Each of Calvert's three approaches is different, yet equally strong in performance potential and ability to influence corporate responsibility—reflecting a unique pursuit of investment management excellence.

Enhanced Engagement

Calvert Signature® Strategies (view portfolios)

These investment portfolios adhere to our original investment approach that integrates two distinct research frameworks: a rigorous review of a company’s financial performance plus a thorough assessment of its environmental, social, and governance (ESG ) performance. A company must meet our criteria in both areas, including our seven core sustainability criteria, to be considered as an investment candidate for our Signature portfolios.

  1. Corporate governance and Ethics
  2. Workplace
  3. Environment
  4. Product Safety and Impact
  5. International Operations and Human Rights
  6. Indigenous Peoples' Rights
  7. Community Relations

Calvert Solution® Strategies (view portfolios)

These investment portfolios selectively invest in companies producing products and services designed to solve some of today’s most pressing sustainability challenges. In 2007 Calvert launched the first of these portfolios, the Calvert Global Alternative Energy Fund, and in 2008 launched the Calvert Global Water Fund—the only U.S. water fund that incorporates advocacy on issues such as fair access to water, reasonable pricing, and the overall impact of new technologies on the environment.

Calvert Solution Strategies offer investors these distinct features:

  • An active management strategy to discern those companies around the world with a financial and sustainability competitive advantage.
  • Internationally renowned managers, known for their sector expertise such as alternative energy and water.
  • Integrated environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research from Calvert, a leader in sustainable investment strategies for over 25 years.

Calvert SAGE™ Strategies (view portfolios)

These investment portfolios emphasize strategic corporate engagement to advance environmental, social, and governance performance in companies that may not currently meet certain standards, but have the potential to improve.

Calvert SAGE Strategies (SAGE stands for Sustainability Achieved through Greater Engagement) are geared toward the investor who wants to take an active approach in encouraging companies to make measurable progress on vital ESG issues.

Through SAGE Strategies, Calvert engages with companies as shareholders to advocate for specific changes, with specific measurable objectives. The SAGE Strategies offer investors opportunities to make an impact with new companies, some of which have never been held in our longstanding sustainable and responsible portfolios, the Calvert Signature® Strategies).

SAGE Company Profiles

SAGE Company profiles are updated annually and/or when significant engagement activities are undertaken.


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