Community Investing


Calvert allocates a small portion of select portfolio assets to two specialized programs that support communities and forward-thinking companies.

Calvert High Social Impacts Investment Program

Calvert’s High Social Impact Investments Program’s mission is to address the issue of poverty and access to capital. Calvert targets one- to three-percent of the each participating portfolio’s assets to what are known as community investments. These investments go to organizations that offer slightly below market rates of return, but provide access to affordable credit to those underserved by traditional credit markets.  This money is used to create jobs, build homes, and finance community facilities.

Calvert makes these investments through the purchase of Community Investment Notes offered by the Calvert Social Investment Foundation (Calvert Foundation).  The Foundation, which is legally distinct from Calvert, is an independent non-profit organization that conducts due diligence on the community organizations involved and oversees the program’s investments.

Special Equities

Calvert’s Special Equities program offers early, direct investments in companies that have identified profitable ways to meet societal needs. Through this program, Calvert supports the development of newer, smaller companies that are changing the face of business.


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