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The Calvert Social Investment Foundation (Calvert Foundation)

Calvert FoundationCalvert Social Investment Foundation (Calvert Foundation), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization legally distinct from Calvert Investments, Inc. and the Calvert Funds, is a leader in community investment that provides innovative financial products to channel capital to underserved communities.

Calvert Giving FundThe types of projects supported include affordable housing, microcredit, community facilities, small businesses, and social innovation. The Calvert Community Investment (CCI) Note is Calvert Foundation's flagship product and most popular offering.

Calvert Foundation was started when Calvert teamed up with the Ford, MacArthur and Mott foundations. Calvert Foundation serves as a facility for individual and institutions seeking to channel investment into disadvantaged communities with a simple goal—to help end poverty.

Individuals can invest in low-income communities and families while benefiting from a professionally managed portfolio with security enhancements, diversification, rigorous due diligence, and ongoing monitoring of investments.

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