Partnering to End the Crisis in Darfur:
Five Things You Can Do

1. Review your investments to make sure they're clean.

Calvert has screened our holdings to ensure that they are not materially contributing to the atrocities in Sudan. To review any other investments you might have for involvement in Sudan visit the Sudan Conflict Risk Network/CRN (formerly known as Sudan Divestment Task Force) to see a list of companies that warrant scrutiny. You can also use the list to avoid making purchases from those companies.

2. Donate to the Save Darfur Coalition and the Sudan Divestment Task Force.

Visit the Save Darfur Coalition (SDC) and the Sudan Conflict Risk Network/CRN Web sites for opportunities to support their work in bringing an end to the Sudanese tragedy.

3. Become active in the Save Darfur movement.

The Save Darfur Coalition Web site provides a tool with which you can locate groups in your area that are dedicated to ending the genocide in Sudan. The SDC offers opportunities to sign a petition for international action.

4. Raise awareness.

Check the Save Darfur Coalition and the Sudan Conflict Risk Network/CRN Web sites regularly to learn about the latest developments and announcements regarding Sudan.

You can also wear a wristband to show your support.

Where possible, educate others. SDC provides materials you can use. SDC also shows how you can organize your community, congregation, or school.

Finally, SDC offers tips on how you can generate press coverage through various media outlets, including blogs. 

5. Lobby your elected officials.

CRN provides an interactive map that allows you to see what your state government has done to protest the violence in Darfur.

On the SDC site, materials explain how to lobby your Congressional representatives and Senators through letters and visits.


Partnering to End the Crisis in Darfur

Publication Date: January 22, 2008

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