Partnering to End the Crisis in Darfur:
Calvert Sudan Advocacy

As a socially responsible investment (SRI) firm, Calvert feels compelled to support those who raise international awareness of both the current situation in Sudan and the continued presence of certain companies with a material involvement in that country. We recognize that shareholder activism and divestment are part of a larger effort to bring peace to Sudan and to end the suffering and genocide of the people of Darfur.

Thus, Calvert is providing advocacy and analytical support to the Sudan Divestment Task Force (SDTF) and the Save Darfur Coalition (SDC). We will lend our name and voice to engagement opportunities with particular companies, and to appropriate public policy initiatives.

Calvert expects to support the targeted divestment campaign by:

  • Working with our partners in the social investment community to develop a sign-on pledge/open letter supporting targeted divestment to be circulated as widely as possible; and
  • Providing concrete support to existing divestment campaigns, focusing on states, municipalities, major endowments, foundations, and private holdings.

Calvert endorses strong UN measures to protect civilians in compliance with international human rights and humanitarian laws. While we commend the US Government's stated commitment to end violence and ensure a peaceful democratic transformation throughout Sudan, we strongly urge our government and others to press hard for deployment of a UN peacekeeping force in Sudan's Darfur region to strengthen the African Union force already on the ground. To date, Sudan still rejects a Security Council resolution authorizing UN peacekeepers to augment the African Union mission in Darfur.

Calvert is prepared to work with the other socially responsible investors who share both our urgent concern about Darfur and our commitment to support the targeted divestment campaign. We also hope to leverage our efforts through our close relationships with many NGOs and other advocacy networks, as well as policy-makers.

Prepared by Stu Dalheim.

Stu DalheimStu Dalheim, Manager of Advocacy
Wesleyan University, BA Philosophy.
Mr. Dalheim has been with the Calvert Social Research Department since August 2000. He specializes in the homebuilding, construction, and natural resource industries, and covers business practices for the department.  He has eight years of experience in environmental advocacy and research. Mr. Dalheim previously worked for the environmental organizations Greenpeace and American Lands Alliance.

Partnering to End the Crisis in Darfur

Publication Date: January 22, 2008

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