College Savings

In addition to being the program manager for the District of Columbia's 529 College Savings Plan, Calvert offers a variety of college-savings resources to individuals, financial advisors, and institutional investors.

The DC College Savings Plan:

Saving for higher education may be the most valuable investment you make for the future. When you start saving may be even more important than how much you save, because even small sums can grow over time. Depending on your school choice, you may be able to save enough to pay for all of the tuition, or you may use this account to supplement financial aid and loans. Either way, the DC College Savings Plan makes your job easier because of these advantages:

  • Convenience—The program lets you contribute automatically through payroll deduction or automatic deposit.
  • Tax breaks—You can take a generous tax deduction. You pay no tax on the account's earnings. You pay no tax when you withdraw from the account if the money is used for qualifying education expenses.
  • Choice—Select among three easy-to-use kinds of investments.
  • Affordability—You can open an account with as little as:
  • $15 per pay period of you select payroll deductions from your paycheck
  • $25 per month if you choose automatic contributions from your bank
  • $100 if you send a check

Click here to visit the Web site of the DC College Savings Plan. (external link)

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Free Sales Tools

Helping clients save for their children's future can be a great way to build and strengthen your relationships, add value, and increase assets under management. Specific times and events throughout the year can naturally open the door to important discussions about preparing for the cost of college. Calvert has created two free sales tools to help you make the most of those opportunities.

The College Number Cruncher

provides an effective hands-on tool that demonstrates to your clients why they should start saving now to prepare for the rising cost of college. This calculator is an effective way to demonstrate to clients the importance of investing for the future, today.

Client Conversation Starter

helps you identify milestones in every child's life that can be used as starting points for discussing the DC College Savings Plan with your clients.

To receive these free tools, please call the Calvert Sales Desk: 800.368.2750.


Institutional Investors

For states seeking investment options for a College Savings Plan, Calvert offers a broad range of equity and fixed-income strategies. Our extensive resources include a dedicated Institutional Group to help meet almost any client need.



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