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Calvert Investments Honors the Monumental Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela

An Inspiration to His Nation and the Entire World


Calvert Investments honors the monumental life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.  His remarkable  leadership and courage in the struggle against apartheid—and as the first President of a democratic, multi–racial South Africa–inspired his nation and the entire world.  Among those he inspired were investors in the United States and elsewhere who heeded his call to put economic as well as political pressure on the South African government.  These efforts raised the profile and demonstrated the impact of what at the time we called socially responsible investment—and helped to pave the way for the mainstream appeal of what is now sustainable and responsible investment today.   We are proud that the Calvert Social Investment Fund (now the Calvert Equity, Calvert Balanced and Calvert Bond Portfolios) was the first U.S. mutual fund to support divestment from South Africa—and one of the first to invest in the new South Africa after Mandela’s call for sanctions to be lifted in 1993.  Our hearts go out to the South African people, and to all those there and around the world, who not only mourn Nelson Mandela but also celebrate his achievements and his example.

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