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Calvert Investments Secures Animal Testing Commitments from Church & Dwight

Calvert resolution leads to dialogue and disclosure from leading household products manufacturer.


In November 2012, Calvert Investments filed a shareholder resolution asking Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (Church & Dwight), a manufacturer of popular household products, to adopt and publicly disclose an animal welfare policy. The resolution was successfully withdrawn after Calvert and Church & Dwight engaged in a productive dialogue on the issue and the company agreed to publicly disclose its animal welfare policy on the company website. This successful dialogue builds upon Calvert’s long-term commitment to promote animal welfare issues with companies.

Calvert Investments has developed its Signature Strategies® investment approach, which seeks to invest in companies that avoid animal testing, or when testing is legally required, follow best practices, such as ensuring humane treatment of animals and making every effort to reduce animal testing. Companies in high-impact areas such as pharmaceutical, personal care, and household products are expected to have animal welfare policy disclosures and programs in place. Calvert hopes to continue in a collaborative relationship with Church & Dwight on a number of sustainability topics moving forward.

As of 08/31/13, accounts managed by Calvert Investment Management, Inc. held securities issued by Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Calvert may or may not still invest in, and is not recommending any action on, any companies listed.

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