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Stu Dalheim Discusses Risks around Climate Change

Calvert's VP of Shareholder Advocacy participates at The Motley Fool's Climate Change Summit -- watch the video.


In the article written by Sara Murphy, “Which Companies Do Well on This SEC Requirement?,” the author states that the Securities and Exchange Commission sees climate change as enough of a risk that it requires companies to disclose their climate-change-related risks in their annual 10k filings. Most of those filings are fairly superficial and do not consider the many other threats to business operations that arise from a warming planet.

Stu Dalheim, Director, Shareholder Advocacy

In a video filmed at the Motley Fool’s Climate Change Summit, Mr. Dalheim explains how Calvert assesses material, environmental, and sustainability issues to uncover just how effectively companies are recognizing their risks and working to minimize them and enhance sustainability. Watch the video and read the full article on The Motley Fool’s website.

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