Special Reports

Calvert Special Reports are topical analyses of issues of concern and opportunity. The Reports provide introductions and overviews, summaries of relevant Calvert initiatives, suggestions for individual action, and links to outside resources.


Power Forward 2.0

Clean energy has entered the mainstream at the world’s largest corporations. In this report, the second in the Power Forward series, we expand upon the analysis of clean energy and climate targets from the U.S. Fortune 100 to include the full U.S. Fortune 500. With total savings realized by leading companies in 2012 of greater than $1.1 billion, we chronicle the rapidly evolving business practices, financial tools, and policy developments that are catalyzing corporate clean energy adoption and making non-energy companies significant players on the electric grid.

Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling

In this third edition of Examining the Cracks in the Ceiling, Calvert continues to evaluate how well corporations understand and manage the risks and opportunities diversity offers. Calvert's 2010 Diversity Report provides an in-depth analysis of S&P 100 company performance across 10 Key Diversity Indicators and provides a number of examples of corporate leaders and laggards on the issue of workplace diversity.

Calvert Women's Principles

The Calvert Women's Principles are the first global code of corporate conduct focused exclusively on empowering, advancing, and investing in women worldwide.

New Guide to Physical Risks from Climate Change

Developed by Calvert Investments working with Oxfam America and Ceres, the newly released guide focuses on companies in the agriculture, food and beverage, apparel, electric power, insurance, mining, oil and gas, and tourism sectors -- all of which are considered to be highly vulnerable to climate impacts.

Calvert Perspective on the Occupy Wall Street Protests

The "Occupy Wall Street" movement has resonated on different levels for a myriad of reasons with most Americans. People in all walks of life are frustrated with the continuing economic insecurity and growing social inequality. They don't want "business as usual" on Wall Street or more gridlock in Washington. And they are willing to come together to find common solutions.

Too Big to Fail

Like many people, you're living a more sustainable life. Recycling. Driving a hybrid, maybe. Doing what you can to reduce your footprint. Because you appreciate the simple fact that Planet Earth is the ultimate "Too big to fail."

Sustainability Review of the Automotive Industry

The Calvert Sustainability Research Department conducted a review of the auto industry in order to capture emerging environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and to sharpen Calvert's analysis relating to its Signature Strategy® sustainability criteria. Our research reveals that the auto industry is more focused than ever on driving sustainability throughout its operations and product strategy.

A Green Recovery for America's Homebuilders?

As an investor, Calvert sought to discern how major U.S. homebuilders compare on policies and practices relating to the environment and resource efficiency. In an update to our 2008 analysis, Calvert has reexamined the industry's ability to manage the effects of a changing climate, public demand, and regulatory realities.

From Crisis to Opportunity

From Wall Street to Main Streets across America and in all corners of the world, the financial crisis and economic recession are taking a heavy toll. Yet extraordinary opportunities are arising from the wreckage. 

E300 (4/13)

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