Tax Information:
Capital Gain Distributions

You can find 2014 short- and long-term capital gains distribution information for your Calvert Funds here.

(You can also find this information for any other date range. Select your date range and click "Get Distributions.")

Your Tax Rates

Favorable tax rates on long-term capital gains continue to apply in 2014.

  • For those whose tax brackets are 15% or below, the tax rate on long-term capital gains remains at 0%.
  • For individuals in the 25% to 35% tax brackets, the tax rate on long-term capital gains remains at 15%.
  • For individuals in the 39.6% tax bracket, the tax rate on long-term capital gains remains at 20%

Note that, as always, short-term capital gains will be treated as ordinary income on your tax return and are subject to ordinary income tax rates.

In late January 2015, Calvert will send shareholders Form 1099-DIV, which reports the exact amount of taxable dividends and/or capital gains (over $10.00) paid on Calvert funds.

F 301 1/15

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