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Variable Insurance Products

For more than 20 years, Calvert has been dedicated to offering institutional clients quality investment options for their variable annuity and variable life products—including variable series portfolios, sub-advisory services, and mutual funds. Calvert's equity and bond portfolios aim to provide superior long-term returns through rigorous investment analysis and exceptional management expertise.

Asset Allocation Funds
  Share Class CUSIP Fund #
Balanced & Asset Allocation
Calvert VP SRI Balanced Portfolio F 131647760 857
  I 131647208 942
Calvert VP Volatility Managed Growth Portfolio F 131646309 1083
Calvert VP Volatility Managed Moderate Growth Portfolio F 131646200 1082
Calvert VP Volatility Managed Moderate Portfolio F 131646101 1081
Equity Funds
  Share Class CUSIP Fund #
Large Cap
Calvert VP Nasdaq 100 Index Portfolio I 866167810 816
Calvert VP S&P 500 Index Portfolio I 866167109 814
Calvert VP SRI Large Cap Value Portfolio I 866167307 863
Mid Cap
Calvert VP S&P MidCap 400 Index Portfolio F 866167554 847
  I 866167208 815
Calvert VP SRI Mid Cap Growth Portfolio I 131647307 941
Small Cap
Calvert VP Russell 2000 Small Cap Index Portfolio F 866167687 854
  I 866167794 853
Calvert VP EAFE International Index Portfolio F 866167547 846
  I 866167695 845
Calvert VP Natural Resources Portfolio I 866167646 808
Bond Funds
  Share Class CUSIP Fund #
Calvert VP Investment Grade Bond Index Portfolio I 866167505 826

I200 (6/13)

Calvert mutual funds are underwritten and distributed by Calvert Investment Distributors, Inc., member, FINRA, and subsidiary of Calvert Investments, Inc. 800.368.2748

Calvert Investment Management, Inc. serves as the investment advisor and provides sustainability research for the Calvert mutual funds and institutional investment strategies.

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