Green Investment Opportunity:

A Green Place to Do Business—China and Hyflux Limited

China, home to 22% of the world’s population possesses only 8% of the world’s water supply.1 Further population growth, urbanization and industrialization are expected to result in even more water demand, with demand projected to increase 47% from 1980 to 2030.2 In addition, more than half the water in China is not fit to drink.  To address this crisis, China has opened up its $14.2 billion water market to foreign firms.3 Hyflux Ltd., a leading provider of integrated water management solutions globally, was an early entrant to China in 1994, and, thus, is well entrenched in the China water market.  Since 2004, the company has worked with China to jointly invest in and develop municipal water treatment facilities. That same year, Hyflux secured a deal to build China’s largest seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant in the Tianjin. With a business presence in 26 out of the 31 Chinese provinces, Hyflux is well positioned to benefit from the substantial market growth opportunities in China. Hyflux comprised 0.90% of the Calvert Global Water Fund's net assets as of 4/30/10.

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