The Way We Influence Change

A Closer Look at the Working Groups of UNEP FI

The Asset Management Working Group (AMWG) is a global platform of asset managers that collaborate to understand the various ways ESG factors affect investment value and the evolving techniques for the inclusion of ESG criteria and metrics. One of the latest projects that Calvert is involved in is the publication, “Fiduciary Responsibility – Legal and Practical Aspects of Integrating ESG Issues Into Institutional Investment,” which makes the case that the current financial crisis pales in comparison to what we may see from a coming natural resources crisis.

UNEP FI’s work on climate change is significant through the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG). The CCWG examines different types of financial instruments/products and services that lead to climate change mitigation and adaptation, weighs in on carbon regulation and international policy, and finally arms financial analysts with information and data on clean energy options as part of the Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative (SEFI).

The UNEP FI Water Sector Working Group's work builds on the need to create capacity among the financial community in order to promote water investments and build analysis for adequate identification, assessment, and management of water-related risks and opportunities.

The North American Task Force is working to incorporate the principles of sustainable development as normal business practice throughout the North American financial sector.

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Last Updated: September 22, 2009

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