Climate Change -- The Risks and the Opportunities

Calvert has been an influential voice as we move along the road to Copenhagen

A robust Copenhagen agreement is critical to establishing clear long-term policies that will guide our economies, our companies, and our investments. As one of the largest fund families focused on sustainable and responsible investment, Calvert has held for some time that understanding corporate climate change risk and opportunity is vital to creating well-managed portfolios.

That said, the certainty that an international agreement will provide—in helping to set a sustainable global cost of carbon—will better allow investors to measure and manage this exposure. We believe our approach to carbon assessment can help create better portfolios by avoiding companies with poor carbon risk management, pushing our holdings to improve through advocacy, and actively selecting companies providing solutions to the climate challenge. Therefore, as investors we urge global leaders to come together around a strong climate change agreement and "Seal the Deal."

—Barbara Krumsiek, President and CEO

UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change Calvert’s CEO has joined other executives at the United Nations to “seal the deal”
The Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change Calvert has signed the Copenhagen Communique  
International Investor Statement on a Global Agreement on Climate Change Developed with key global investors:
  • UNEP Finance Initiative
  • Investor Network on Climate Risk
  • Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
  • Investor Group on Climate Change

The Global Roundtable on Climate Change Broad stakeholder consortium from all regions of the world  

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Last Updated: September 22, 2009

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