The Way We Run Our Company

We believe change begins at home.

As sustainable and responsible investors, we regularly ask companies to report on their environmental, social, and governance performance. We strongly believe that each company must address and evaluate its total sustainability footprint. Since we expect the greatest possible degree of transparency and disclosure from the companies in which we invest, we believe it is only fair to turn the mirror on ourselves.


We strive to consider sustainable business practices in day-to-day operations and expect the companies in which we invest to do the same. Sustainability reporting provides the opportunity to review and assess our progress.

Carbon-Neutral Operations

Calvert has been addressing our own carbon emissions. Beginning in 2006 and renewed on an annual basis since, Calvert has been working with to make Calvert's offices "carbon-neutral." As part of this program, Calvert is acknowledging our climate impacts, reducing our energy use where possible, and offsetting the remaining climate change impacts through the purchase of renewable energy credits.

Calvert and Carbon Neutrality

Fostering a Responsible Corporate Culture

As a company, Calvert is actively committed to reducing its carbon footprint. To encourage employees to do the same, we offer financial incentives:

  • If an employee takes public transportation, we subsidize 100% of the commuting cost.
  • If an employee rides to work, we give money toward the purchase of a bicycle.
  • If an employee walks to work, we give money toward the purchase of walking shoes.

Active Members of our Community

While we are always thinking globally, we do believe in the importance of acting locally. Calvert is a proud supporter of two efforts that are local to the metropolitan community in which we reside.

Calvert is a member of SB NOW (Sustainable Business Network of Washington), an independent not-for-profit organization that works to tap the resources and ingenuity of the private sector – in partnership with community groups, non-profits, and government – to help make the Washington DC metro region a better place to live and work. Calvert helped SB NOW develop its Green Certification for local business, which sets standards on energy and water use, pollution prevention, and more.

Calvert is a founding member and ongoing sponsor of Bethesda Green, a non-profit collaborative of residents, businesses, and government that promotes and educates on best practices in recycling, energy efficiency, local and organic food, transportation, and green schools. Bethesda Green's mission is to be a catalyst and trusted resource in building a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous community. Bethesda Green and its supporters also host the state of Maryland's first green business incubator program, which seeks to bring high quality green jobs and services to the local community.

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