Climate Change -- The Risks and the Opportunities

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Write your local Senator or Representative. Use this sample letter to encourage federal action to address climate change by limiting emissions and funding alternative energy research and projects.

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Dear [Congressperson's name]:

Climate change is not an issue that can wait until tomorrow.  There is a mounting scientific consensus around the potential catastrophic impacts of a continued increase in carbon and other man-made emissions into our atmosphere, including a rise in sea level, increased major storm events, and a fundamental shift in climate patterns.  We need strong federal government action to address this important issue.  Specifically, I believe you should act to:

Pass Federal Regulation Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions
We have a chance to act at a federal level.  I strongly encourage you to support new legislation to set mandatory emission caps on company greenhouse gas emissions.

Increase Gas Mileage Requirements
Given the growing GHG emissions from automobiles, coupled with the danger of our reliance on international oil, I strongly encourage you to support increased gas mileage requirements from new automobiles and trucks.

Fund Alternative Energy Research and Projects
We need to see greater federal funding of alternative energy research and energy efficiency projects.  Additional research will help bring down the costs of these new fuel sources, while tax incentives and other subsidies will help make the costs competitive in the short term.

I understand that focusing on climate change is just one of many issues during this challenging time.  But we can not wait until tomorrow for strong action to address this daunting issue.  We must act now. Thank you for your leadership in this area.

[Your Name]

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Last Updated: September 22, 2009

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