Climate Change -- The Risks and the Opportunities

Calvert Goes Carbon-Neutral, So Can You

Calvert has been working to make a dent in climate change by addressing our company's own carbon emissions.  Specifically, we have developed a corporate environmental program to make Calvert's offices "carbon-neutral." 

As part of this program, Calvert is acknowledging our climate impacts, reducing our energy use where possible, and offsetting the remainder of what we do use. Even a financial company like Calvert can take action by offsetting the emissions we contribute through our use of electricity. Initially, we targeted offsets of our office emissions, but in 2006 we expanded the program to include employee business travel, whether by car, plane, or train. We also look for opportunities to make our events and meetings carbon neutral. In addition to estimating and tracking our own emissions, we look to reduce our energy usage.  For example, in an overhaul of our office space, we included light-sensors to automatically turn off lights when offices or conference rooms are not in use. We have renewed our commitment to being carbon-neutral annually since 2006.

We are encouraging our shareholders and employees to take similar actions in their own lives.

What are Carbon Offsets?
Carbon offsets - also called renewable energy certificates and 'green tags' - represent the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) in one location to offset the CO2 produced in another, like your home or car.  For instance, a clean, zero CO2 wind farm in Kansas can offset the carbon dioxide produced by a coal-fired power plant near your home. Carbon offsets help support a clean, renewable energy market, which further helps develop the technology. Calvert is partnering with, a local, non-profit organization, to estimate our own carbon emissions and offset these emissions through the retirement of renewable energy certificates. projects can be found at:

What Can I Do?
Like Calvert, you may have personally taken steps to reduce your own emissions. Perhaps you bike, metro, or carpool to work.  You may also turn off the lights when not in use, turn down your air conditioning, or look to install an electronic thermostat in your home.  Now you can do even more. provides an easy and effective way to neutralize your own carbon emissions, whether through home electricity use, driving, flying, or heating your home. Any event or plans that require transportation can also be offset so that guests know they are attending a carbon neutral occasion.

  • Calculate your CO2 production and offset cost below. The average American creates emissions of 10 tons a year-which can be offset for $55, or $4.58 a month.
  • Make a tax deductible contribution to to offset your emissions. Every $5.50 donated keeps one ton of carbon out of the air.
  • uses your contribution to support certified C02-reducing projects to offset your greenhouse gas pollution, with your money going to support renewable energy projects.

Some Typical Annual Offsets:

  • Car   $27.50
  • Person   $55.00
  • Zero Carbon $99.00*

* Zero Carbon addresses the emissions created in the manufacturing of products we use in our daily lives.

Click here to make a difference in climate change today!

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