Our Five Key Strengths 

Take a closer look at Calvert and you'll find the following strengths set us apart from other investment management companies.

Our Five Key Strengths

  • different-core-discipline-sm


    Calvert’s disciplined investment process, based on rigorous analysis and independent thinking, allows us to identify market opportunities often overlooked by others while proactively managing risk.

  • different-core-experience-sm


    Our managers average 15 years’ experience and have developed time-tested strategies to navigate a variety of market conditions.

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    With a broad range of more than 40 equity, bond, cash, and asset allocation strategies, we provide our clients the essential building blocks for diversified portfolios.

  • different-core-integrity-sm


    As a leading provider of investment strategies featuring integrated corporate responsibility and sustainability research, we apply the same stringent ethical standards to our own business.

  • different-core-commitment-sm


    Calvert provides a broad range of information and support tools to help financial advisors, institutional investment consultants, and their clients build successful partnerships.

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