Our Five Key Strengths:
Depth of Research

As an investor, how do you compare investment managers? One way is to examine how they evaluate investment choices. Our rigorous investment process, based on extensive proprietary research and long-term market experience, allows us to identify market opportunities often overlooked by others, while proactively managing risk.

Our Equity Approach

Calvert's equity portfolios feature a research process that examines both a company’s fundamental financial performance—and its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices—to identify companies with strong management, solid business practices, and competitive long-term performance potential.

Calvert teams with a carefully selected group of expert, seasoned sub-advisors to manage a full range of equity funds across diverse investment strategies. Because we engage not only internal but also premier, external management expertise, our investors benefit from broad and varied views of the global markets, a diverse range of equity research expertise, and independent investment thinking. Together, Calvert and its sub-advisors research and analyze investments for inclusion in Calvert’s equity portfolios.

In evaluating stocks for our portfolios, we look beyond traditional measures of value. While we start with rigorous, fundamental stock analysis according to the portfolio’s investment strategy and style, we then take a step beyond those measures. Many of our strategies use a Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) approach that features proprietary research from Calvert’s team of analysts in the Calvert Sustainability Research Department, a leading source of SRI research in the industry. Calvert's sustainability research and advocacy analysts examine corporate performance in seven broad areas of concern, including the environment, product safety and impact, corporate governance, and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights.

Recently, Calvert expanded its family of SRI strategies that feature integrated environmental, social, and governance research.  Our clients will benefit from access to a greater choice of investment strategies, and a broader range of companies, to build diversified investment portfolios. Calvert’s three distinct SRI approaches—Calvert Signature™ Strategies, Calvert Solution™ Strategies, and Calvert SAGE™ Strategies—are managed for competitive, long-term, risk-adjusted returns. 

If you’re interested in equity investing with Calvert, please be sure to speak with your financial advisor. Together you can discuss your short- and long-term financial goals, tolerance for risk, and asset allocation objectives and discuss Calvert’s full range of small-to mid-cap, large-cap, and balanced and asset allocation equity funds.

Our Fixed-Income Approach

Calvert Investment Management, Inc. (CIM) has managed a full family of fixed-income portfolios for Calvert's individual and institutional clients since 1981. Today we offer strength across a broad range of taxable bond, tax-advantaged and money market funds. That strength is especially apparent in the record of our taxable bond fund portfolios.

Our investment team applies a flexible, relative-value strategy developed over 25 years to select securities for Calvert’s fixed-income portfolios. An active trading style and in-depth, primary credit analysis have always been key strengths of CIM’s management strategy, with an investment process that draws upon an extensive knowledge of markets and long-standing relationships with a network of Wall Street dealers. The CIM team continually monitors changing yield spreads and the multitude of new issues coming to market. Through its time-tested approach, CIM portfolio managers have developed a four-tiered management sttrategy, FourSight®, to identify attractive opportunities in any kind of market.

  • Manage duration. We strategically manage the interest rate sensitivity of a portfolio by selecting the proper mix of duration positions. (The longer the duration, the greater the price change relative to interest rate movements.)
  • Monitor the yield curve. By scrutinizing the steepness of the yield curve (the difference in interest rates between short- and long-term bonds), we carefully choose the maturities of the bonds we select for our portfolios.
  • Optimize sector allocation. We choose specific sectors by examining market conditions and analyzing the relative value of each sector in the bond market.
  • Analyze credit quality. Our credit analysts apply rigorous fundamental credit analysis to screen and select securities they believe will enhance overall portfolio performance.

If you’re interested in income investing, please be sure to speak with your financial advisor. Together you can discuss your income goals and the taxable bond, tax-advantaged and money market funds from Calvert.

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Calvert Investment Management, Inc. serves as the investment advisor and provides sustainability research for the Calvert mutual funds and institutional investment strategies.

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