Reaise Your Referral IQ

New for Financial Advisors:
Raising Your Referral I.Q.

Referral programs are one of the most sought after skills training. Used consistently, Raising Your Referral I.Q. has the potential to create a dependable source of referrals, adding a level of stability to your practice that previously could not be achieved.

Already central to any practice, referrals are more important than ever in building a successful financial practice. Consider a  surprising trend uncovered in a recent study by Cerulli Associates of wealthy households; 64% were working with at least four advisors, compared with 16% just three-years ago. And less than 20% of households were currently working with just one advisor.

For advisors looking to grow their practices (and who isn’t?) this is the proverbial good news/bad news. The bad news is that it will be more difficult to increase an individual client’s assets under management; the good news is that as investors become wealthier they are likely to look for more advisors rather than expand the relationship they have with their current one.

Raising Your Referral I.Q. is intended to help advisors generate more and better referrals by providing them with a powerful new profiling tool that offers them insights into their clients’ personalities. Recognizing that different personality types react differently to referral requests, the program teaches advisors a new way to think about and ask for referrals.

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