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Calvert: At the Forefront of Shareholder Advocacy and Corporate Engagement

Shareholder advocacy and corporate engagement can be powerful tools for achieving better shareholder outcomes.


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From direct dialogue with companies, to shareholder resolutions, to participation in public policy initiatives, Calvert uses all the tools at its disposal to foster corporate change in four key areas:

  • The environment and climate change
  • Governance, disclosure and ethics
  • Diversity and women in the workplace
  • Human and labor rights

By encouraging companies to think beyond just the next quarter's earnings report, and governments to promote sustainability-friendly regulatory environments, Calvert believes that shareholder advocacy can ultimately enhance long-term shareholder value across a wide range of enterprises.
Shareholder advocacy has been a key component of Calvert's Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) strategy since 1986, when Calvert was the first investment firm to sponsor a shareholder resolution connected to a social issue. 2013 marked our 65th such filing.

In recent years, resolutions filed on environmental and social issues have earned upwards of 40% support...demonstrating increased investor understanding of the value of corporate sustainability.

Our recent report, Shareholder Advocacy: Tools of Change, outlines the scope of strategies that Calvert employs in exercising shareholder rights, as well as summarizes recent successes with companies such as UPS, Lowe's,, and Urban Outfitters.

The report also highlights Calvert's participation in public-policy initiatives, such as the rule-making process for Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which is intended to combat corrupt practices in the oil, gas and mining industry through revenue transparency.

We invite you to view Shareholder Advocacy: Tools of Change.

Please also look here for more information on Calvert and shareholder advocacy, including up-to-date information on Calvert's proxy voting guidelines (PDF) and Calvert's shareholder resolutions.

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