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Quarterly Advocacy Highlights: Summer 2012



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Calvert Investments Quarterly Advocacy Highlights Summer 2012

Quarterly Advocacy Highlights

Summer 2012

For more than three decades, Calvert Investments has been a leader in applying Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI) principles to the global marketplace, engaging with corporations around shareholder interests, promoting public policy initiatives that can have a positive impact systemically and in promoting community-based investing.

To keep you up-to-date on our latest initiatives and efforts, please take a moment to read a few highlights of the ways we used our influence and expertise to bring environmental, social and governance issues to the forefront and create change in the last quarter.

Hope in the Numbers. Highlights from our Spring 2012 Shareholder Advocacy Efforts

Going head to head on board diversity, supply chain risks, and reporting on environmental, social and governance Issues—read about the results from three of our shareholder advocacy efforts with Urban Outfitters, Fossil and Gentex.

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Exercising Our Say on Pay

Sharpening our focus and drawing a harder line, Calvert fought for the right to have a "Say on Pay" and votes against misaligned executive compensation.

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Rio+20: Missed Opportunities and Signs of Progress

Rio+20 is a wrap and Calvert is sharing our perspective—both encouraging and somewhat discouraging—from the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.

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Special Report: Physical Risks from Climate Change

Focused on improving corporate disclosure and management of the financial impacts of climate change, Calvert has released a new report in partnership with Oxfam America and Ceres, "Physical Risks from Climate Change: A guide for companies and investors on disclosure and management of climate impacts."

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Respecting Freedom of Expression and Privacy on the Internet

Calvert shares our involvement with the Global Network Initiative and our perspective on the human rights risks and responsibilities of information and communication technology sector companies.

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In this issue

Hope in the numbers

Exercising our say on pay

Rio+20: Missed opportunities

Special Report: Physical risks from climate change

Freedom of expression and privacy on the Internet

Rio+20 — Barbara Krumsiek

"Gender Equality for Sustainability"
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"Business Case for the Green Economy"
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"Impact Investing & Social Entrepreneurship"
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Brookings Institution — Bennett Freeman

"The Modern Shareholder: How a Short-Term Focus is Harming U.S. Corporations"
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Ceres — Bennett Freeman

"Physical Risks of Climate Change for Companies and Investors"
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