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Join the Live Webcast – The Modern Shareholder: How a Short-Term Focus is Harming U.S. Corporations

Calvert Investments' Bennett Freeman will speak on a panel at Brookings Institution on Friday, June 1


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Looking back over the past 50 years, there has been a significant shift in who holds a majority of stock in corporations. What used to be a more even shareholder distribution between individual investors and organizations has evolved to a majority of stocks being owned by institutional investors—mutual funds, pensions and retirement funds, etc.—most of which employ high-frequency trading strategies that emphasize holding stocks for very short periods of time. Beyond making it difficult for corporate executives to pursue strategies based on the long-term welfare and growth of their corporations, this short-term focus has social, economic and political ramifications as well.

Bennett FreemanInterested in learning more about this topic? On Friday, June 1, from 1:00–2:30 p.m., Bennett Freeman, Senior Vice President for Sustainability Research and Policy at Calvert Investments, will be a panelist on Brookings Institution forum "The Modern Shareholder: How a Short-Term Focus is Harming U.S. Corporations."

You have the opportunity to attend in person or watch via live webcast as a panel of experts explores:

  • how this short term focus of shareholders and investors affects corporate behavior and government policy
  • how to encourage longer time horizons among shareholders and executives
  • how the "financialization" of America's corporations is affecting long-term development

Visit the Brookings Institution Website to register to attend this event via live webcast or in person.

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