Calvert in the Media

Seeking Alpha (12/29/14) Levy, Harlan "Calvert Chief Investment Officer Natalie Trunow: 2015 GDP Up 3.5 Percent, Stocks 5 - 10 Percent," Natalie Trunow is featured in an interview with Harlan Levy of Seeking Alpha.

Responsible Investor (12/23/14) Wagner, Jan "Apple Dodges Shareholder Proposal From NGO on Supply Chain Assessment," Calvert is mentioned in this article.

Ignites (12/22/14) Hechinger, Paul "Calvert Hires Ex-Wilmington Funds CCO," Calvert Investments has hired Hope Brown as its chief compliance officer. Brown started with Calvert last month.

Huffington Post (12/19/14) Mohin, Tim "The Conflict Minerals Law: Kickstarting Change in the Congo," Bennett Freeman, senior vice president of sustainability research and policy at Calvert Investments, cowrote this article about Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Consumer Protection and Wall Street Reform Act.

Responsible Investor (12/18/14) "Calvert Joins Coalition of Green Bond Investors," Calvert Investments is among the latest joiners to a coalition of investors who have publicly committed to grow a large and robust green bonds market. (12/18/14) Dakers, Marion "New Benchmark to Rank Companies on Their Human Rights Records," Calvert is mentioned in this article about a global index measuring the human rights records of large companies being launched with backing from several major investment groups and funding from the UK government.

Reuters (12/18/14) Kerber, Ross "Green Bonds Sell Big in 2014 as Finance Bids to Help Climate," Catherine Roy, Calvert Investments' chief investment officer for fixed income, is quoted.

Reuters (12/17/14) "Video: Reuters Summit: First Fed Rate Hike Will Not Come Until 2016," Cathy Roy, CIO of fixed income at Calvert Investment Management, is featured.

Financial News (12/16/14) Pearce, Andrew "Buyside Quintet Joins Green Bond Backers," Calvert Investments is a focus of this article about five new fund managers joining a UN climate change initiative aimed at increasing investment in green bonds.

Responsible Investor (12/15/14) "Fabric Bay Named Investment Manager of Calvert Fund," Fabrice Bay, Investment Manager, International Equities at Martin Currie, the UK affiliate of Legg Mason, has become an investment manager on the Calvert International Equity Fund, which is sub-advised by Martin Currie.

Financial Times (12/09/14) Alloway, Tracy "Will a Return of Market Volatility Revive Banks’ Trading Businesses?," Vishal Khanduja, a portfolio manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted.

InvestmentNews (12/08/14) "Socially Conscious Funds by Category, Ranked by One-Year Total Return," Several Calvert funds are included in this Lipper ranking of "socially conscious" funds. (12/08/14) Loki, Reynard "The Growth of Sustainability Across Fixed Income Investments," Calvert Investments is mentioned.

Los Angeles Times (12/07/14) Petruno, Tom "Beyond Profits: Millennials Embrace Investing for Social Good," Bennett Freeman, senior vice president for sustainability research and policy at Calvert Investments, is quoted.

Washington Business Journal (12/02/14) Holan, Mark "Investing for Good, Not Just Return, Grows to $6.57 Trillion Since 2012," Calvert Investments is mentioned in this article about sustainable and responsible investing. 

IR Magazine (12/05/14) Brown, Adam "Global Corporate Human Rights Index to Launch," Calvert Investments is mentioned in this article about ESG research firm EIRIS, Aviva Investors and four other organizations joining forces to launch what they say is the world’s first wide-scale ranking of companies based on their human rights performance.

Responsible Investor (12/04/14) Brooksbank, Daniel "Investor-Backed Business and Human Rights Benchmarking and Ranking Project Launched," Bennett Freeman, senior vice president of sustainability research and policy at Calvert Investments, is quoted.

Equal Times (12/03/14) Speak, Clare "Bhopal at 30: Dow Shareholders Demand Justice," Calvert Investments is mentioned in this article about how as survivors mark the 30th anniversary of the Bhopal gas disaster.

CSRWire (12/03/14) Loki, Reynard "Special Report – Researching ESG Risks and Green Bonds," Kim Nguyen-Taylor, a senior credit analyst for Calvert Investment Management, is quoted.

Barron's (12/01/14) Milburn, Robert "Social-Impact Investments Finally Grow Up," Calvert Investments is mentioned in this article about growth in sustainable and responsible and impact investing. 

Bloomberg (12/01/14) Kruger, Daniel "Treasuries Fall First Time in 7 Days on Manufacturing, Fed Views," Matthew Duch, a money manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted in this article falling Treasuries.

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