Calvert in the Media

  • Wall Street Journal (04/30/14) Kilgore, Tomi "U.S. Stocks End Higher" Natalie Trunow, chief investment officer of Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • Bloomberg (04/29/14) Gangar, Sarika "Apple Sells $12 Billion of Bonds to Keep Cash Overseas" Matthew Duch, a fund manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • Washington Post (04/30/14) Heath, Thomas "Pepco Agrees to Be Sold to Chicago’s Exelon" Barbara Krumsiek, president of Calvert Investments, is mentioned.
  • Responsible Investor (04/29/14) "Calvert Considering a Recommendation to Remove SPX From Calvert Social Index.”
  • PRNewswire (04/28/14) "Call for Papers: Groundbreaking Responsible Investing Study Sought for 2014 Moskowitz Prize Recognition" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • Washington Post (04/27/14) Ravindranath, Mohana "A Tech Company That Helps Teachers Learn From Each Other" The Calvert Social Index Fund is mentioned.
  • Inter Press Service (04/25/14) "Post-Rana Plaza, Global Investors Pushing for Systemic Change" Bennett Freeman, senior vice-president for sustainability research and policy at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • Responsible Investor (04/24/14) Wagner, Jan "32 Percent Vote for Independent Chair at Coca-Cola" Calvert is mentioned as part of the investor group backing the proposal with Coca-Cola.
  • Responsible Investor (04/24/14) Brooksbank, Daniel "Investor Coalition Presses Retailers and Apparel Firms a Year on From Rana Plaza" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • MarketWatch (04/23/14) Eisen, Ben "A Year After Apple Bond Sale, Investors Wonder About More Debt" Matt Duch, a portfolio manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • MarketWatch (04/23/14) Law, Fiona "China's Cnooc Sells Multibillion-Dollar Bonds" Matthew Duch, a portfolio manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • Financial Times (04/23/14) Bond, Shannon "Buffett Says Coke Employee Equity Pay Plan Is ‘Excessive’" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • Bloomberg BNA (04/22/14) Odom, Che "Institutional Investors Expect Dialogue, Not Just Solicitation" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • Bloomberg (04/23/14) Buhayar, Noah; Marcinek, Laura "Buffett Pay Principles Tested by Coca-Cola, Winters Says" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • Responsible Investor (04/22/14) Gilbert, Katie "Analysis: US Court Ruling on SEC Supply Chain Disclosure Concerns SRI Investors" Bennett Freeman, Calvert Investments’ senior vice president of sustainability research and policy and Emily Kaiser, a sustainability analyst at Calvert, are quoted.
  • Global Times (China) (04/22/14) Louise, Ho "Big Businesses See Bright Future in Renewable Energy" A study by Calvert Investments is cited.
  • Financial Advisor (04/21/14) Hinchcliff, Dorothy "Merrill Lynch Advisors Learn ABCs Of ESG" The Calvert-Osmosis MORE World Strategy is mentioned.
  • Greenville News (SC) (04/19/14) Simon, Frances A. "Learn How to Protect Our Water Supply" Calvert Investments is cited.
  • MarketWatch (04/16/14) Eisen, Ben "Bond Report: Yield Curve Matches Flattest Since 2009 On Yellen" Matt Duch, portfolio manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • Eco News Network (04/10/14) "Green Bond Market Poised for Growth Spurt" Co-Managers Cathy Roy, Vishal Khanduja, and Mauricio Agudelo are all quoted.
  • (04/15/14) Kok, Nils "Real Estate Benchmark Takes Sustainability to the Capital Markets" Calvert is mentioned.
  • Responsible Investor (04/14/14) Brooksbank, Daniel "Draft US Clean Energy 'Victory Bonds' Act Introduced to Spur $50 Billion Investment" Calvert Investments is among those backing the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Initiative, which has been introduced in the House of Representatives by California Democrats Zoe Lofgren and Doris Matsui with the co-sponsorship of 15 Democratic members.
  • Online Athens (04/13/14) "University of Georgia Educational Events April 14-20" Bennett Freeman, senior vice president for sustainability research and policy at Calvert Investments, on April 18 will give the keynote address for The New Roles of Corporations in Global Governance Conference.
  • Environmental Expert (04/11/14) "Business Support for Policy Action on Climate Change Grows 20-Fold as the 'Climate Declaration' Hits First Anniversary" Executives from Calvert Investment were among the business leaders meeting with members of the Congressional Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change on Friday to discuss climate-related issues.
  • Yahoo! Finance (04/11/14) "Coke's Compensation Plan Under Fire" Calvert Investments was among those announcing last week that they will vote against Coca-Cola's proposed 2014 equity compensation plan.
  • (04/10/14) "Business Support for Policy Action on Climate Change Grows 20-Fold as the 'Climate Declaration' Hits First Anniversary" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • Business Wire (04/10/2014) "Wintergreen Advisers Welcomes Vote by Calvert Investments Against Coca-Cola Equity Plan" Calvert Investments is mentioned for its vote against the Coca-Cola equity plan in this press release by Wintergreen Advisers.
  • Institutional Investor (04/10/14) Clouse, Carol J. "Green Bond Market Poised for Growth Spurt" Cathy Roy, senior vice president and CIO of fixed income at Calvert Investments and a portfolio manager of the is quoted.
  • Financial Advisor (04/04/14) Fischer, Michael S. "SRI a Core Concern Of Young Investors, Lynne Ford, Executive Vice President at Calvert Investment Distributors, Inc. is quoted from a press briefing in New York City on March 27, 2014.
  • Barron's (04/05/14) Kim, Crystal "Socially Responsible Funds Make an Impact" Paul Bugala, senior sustainability analyst at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • Seeking Alpha (04/07/14) Levy, Harlan "Calvert Investment Management's Natalie Trunow: Worries; Meager Income Growth, Housing Slowing" Natalie Trunow, senior vice president and chief investment officer of equities at Calvert Investment Management, is featured in a Q&A.
  • The Nation (04/06/14) "Investors Lead Push for More Action on Climate Change" Calvert Investments is mentioned in this article about major institutional investors pushing for stronger action by companies in climate-related shareholder resolutions in the 2014 proxy season.
  • (04/07/14) Kropp, Robert "The Nuts and Bolts of Sustainable Investment Strategies" The Calvert Social Index is mentioned.
  • Reuters (04/03/14) Forgione, Sam "Long-Term U.S. Bond Yields Dip Ahead of Jobs Report" Vishal Khanduja, fixed income portfolio manager at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • FTSE Global Markets (04/14) "Skanska Issues First Green Corporate Bond" Calvert Investments is mentioned.
  • Alternative Energy Stocks (04/03/14) Roen, Harris "Strong Returns Continue for Alternative Energy Mutual Funds and ETFs" Calvert Green Bond A is mentioned.
  • Water Online (04/03/2014) Jerome, Sara "Wall Street Eyes Water Utilities" The Calvert Global Water Fund is cited.
  • Globe Newswire (04/02/14) "NACD Shares Institutional Investors' Priorities for Corporate Boards" Calvert Investments is mentioned in this press release about the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) announcing the release of Investor Perspectives.
  • MarketWatch (04/02/14) Beals, Rachel Koning "One Bond Fund Type You Don’t Want to Miss" Steve Van Order, fixed income strategist at Calvert Investments, is quoted.
  • CSRWire (04/01/14) "Green Transition Scoreboard Tops $5.3 Trillion Privately Invested In The Green Economy" Calvert is mentioned.

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