Sustainable & Responsible Investing

As a leader in sustainable and responsible investing (SRI), Calvert offers a range of SRI strategies. Recognizing that investors want choice in how they meet their financial goals and impact corporate responsibility and sustainability practices, we offer three distinct approaches: 

  • Calvert Signature® Strategies—Calvert's original approach comprising two distinct research frameworks: a rigorous review of financial performance, and a thorough assessment of environmental, social and governance performance.
  • Calvert Solution® Strategies—A thematic approach to solving some of today's most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges.
  • Calvert SAGEStrategies—An "enhanced engagement" approach emphasizing strategic engagement to advance environmental, social and governance performance in companies that may not meet certain standards today, but have the potential to improve.

Each of Calvert's three approaches to sustainable and responsible investing is different, yet equally strong in its performance potential and ability to influence corporate responsibility, and reflects a pursuit of investment management excellence that is unique to Calvert.

Calvert SRI News

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Sustainable & Responsible Investing

  • Calvert & SRI

    Calvert & SRI

    Learn the history of SRI, meet Calvert's SRI analysts, and explore issues of concern.

  • Calvert's Sustainable Investment Products

    Calvert's Sustainable Investment Products

    Calvert offers SRI mutual funds, variable insurance trusts, and other investment vehicles that can help you diversify your portfolio.

  • Signature Approach

    Signature Approach

    Calvert Signature Strategies are our original SRI portfolio strategies, which continue to feature two distinct but integral research frameworks: a rigorous review of financial performance, plus a thorough assessment of ESG performance.

  • Solution Approach

    Calvert Solution Strategies are portfolios that selectively invest in companies that produce products and services geared toward solving some of today's most pressing environmental and sustainability challenges.

  • SAGE Approach

    SAGE Approach

    Calvert SAGE Strategies (SAGE stands for Sustainability Achieved through Greater Engagement) are geared towards the investor who wants to take an active approach in moving companies to make measurable progress on vital ESG issues.

  • How Calvert Engages Companies

    How Calvert Engages Companies

    Calvert uses strategic engagement and shareholder advocacy to encourage positive change in companies in virtually every industry, both to establish certain commitments and to encourage concrete progress.

  • choose-sri-criteria-sm

    Calvert's Sustainability Criteria

    Calvert applies its Sustainability Criteria to all of our SRI funds; but they are implemented according to the type of strategy the fund uses.

  • Stacked Rocks

    Calvert Social Index®

    The Calvert Social Index ® is a broad-based, rigorously constructed benchmark for measuring the performance of large, U.S.-based socially responsible companies.

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